Scott Torrance Remote Viewing – Interview

Scott Torrance is a natural born Clairvoyant and Remote Viewer.
In Part 1 Scott talks about how premonitions saved his life and how he learned to fly in his dreams. Upon learning of the Remote Viewing Program he began reading books and watching documentaries about the subject until he decided to become a Remote Viewer. Scott talks about how he learned to Remote View.
In Part 2 Scott Torrance talks about how he applied Remote Viewing in his life. He talks about what the Remote Viewer is taught to feel and sense when he has bilocated to a target area. Scott talks about Pyramids and the residual energy left on battlefields. Scott also talks about the ETs he has encountered and interacted with whilst using his Remote Viewing abilities.
Scott’s Website: The Creation Light Continuum


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  1. A stunning interview, James and Scott…and the video version is fantastic. As an empath, I can also relate to some of these experiences.

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