I’ve come across James Bartley’s work in the mid to late 90’s when I was researching the UFO phenomenon and the topic of Alien Abductions after having become disillusioned with the New Age version of “our galactic brothers and sisters” and claim that there are no “negative” aliens. There was a lot of contradiction and red flags in the New Age savior version of ET’s. Reading his articles and watching some of his talks were very refreshing and extremely insightful, helping me to connect the dots of the hidden alien agenda and ultimately of the Hyperdimensional Matrix Control System. At the same time I was also introduced to the work of his colleagues Dr. Karla Turner, Barbara Bartholic, Tom Montalk and Eve Lorgen. I was impressed with James’ knowledge and grounded approach based on his experiences and research. His work, among the aforementioned researchers (and others), led me to produce my film “UFOs, Aliens, and the Question in Contact” (released in 2011) which includes quotes of his work. Years later, in 2015 and 2016, I had the pleasure and honor to be part of two webinars with him and some of our peers/colleagues, exploring hyperdimensional-interference and related topics. Both webinars were excellent discussions about very deep topics and I learned a lot from him and the other participants. What I appreciate in James the most is his level-headed approach and focus on the neccesary self-work that starts with basic psychological work, not falling into the victim trap, but empowering ourselves while taking self-responisbily to help us transcend the matrix and archonic/reptilian programming/interference. James is someone who has not only done his research but speaks form experience, having battled these forces himself, went through his own ordeals and initiations to help shine light into the dark place of the hidden forces controlling humanity.

Bernhard Guenther

There are few who have dedicated so much of their life exposing so much of the negative Reptilian Agenda than James Bartley. A genuine first hand experiencer, mentored by the godmother of hardcore alien abduction research Barbara Bartholic, James pulls no punches and suffers no fools in his quest to shine light on those that dwell in the shadows, who reside in the space between spaces. Though James’ reputation speaks of a no nonsense approach to exposing the truth, he is a compassionate man, a friend and mentor who is willing to share his wealth of experience with those who seek to know the techniques of manipulation used by the negative ETs. What many fail to recognize is that James also focuses much of his attention on the many positive experiences shared by both him and other experiencers that he works alongside. For over 25 years James has continued to push the envelope in the field of Reptilian ET research, where many have failed to sustain such commitment he remains resilient in his fight for truth.

Chris Turner
Don’t Mind The Reps

James Bartley is a leader in the Alternative Research field, with over 30 years of experience and has a true passion for informing and uplifting his audience. For those interested in Alien Abduction, MILAB topics, and spiritual dimensions of the time we are living in, James has key information that all open minds need to hear.

Masaki Miyagawa

James Bartley is a maverick researcher in the field of alien and military abductions. He is the protégé of the well known alien abduction researcher Barbara Bartholic and close colleague of Eve Lorgen and the late Karla Turner. Being an abductee himself, James draws from a well of personal experience; he is also a student of military history with an emphasis on intelligence, counterintelligence, and special operations, and has worked for the Civil Service at a major military command in an intelligence-related capacity. His outstanding investigations go far beyond mainstream UFOlogy’s tired “grey aliens” narrative, plunging deep into the forbidden subjects of black ops abduction programs, astral dreamscape manipulation, hybrid infiltration of society, spiritual warfare, the malevolent nature of reptilian forces and their control methods. My own abduction experiences and research over the past two decades support his findings, and I greatly appreciate the level of daring, discernment, and acumen in his works.

Tom Montauk

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