Darrell Hamamoto Interview

Professor Darrell Hamamoto, the author of “Servitors of Empire: Studies in the Dark Side of Asian America.” Professor Hamamoto talks about the emergence of Asian Social Justice Warriors and the […]

George Kavasillas Interview - Fake Ascension

George Kavassilas is an author, mentor and public speaker. George has had a lifetime of strange and wonderful experiences beyond the ordinary.  He encountered both benevolent and malevolent, inter-dimensional and […]

Alan Ritter Interview

Alan Ritter is a PhD chemist, who is interested in a new society. To start that up he is actively creating a Produce Club in the Philadelphia PA USA area. […]

Paul Blake Smith Interview

Paul was born in Cape Girardeau’s Southeast Hospital, raised in town, and educated by the Cape public school system. He was a four-year Mass Communications Major with an English Minor […]

Hugh Newman and Jim Vieira Interview

Hugh Newman and Jim Vieira co-wrote “Giants on Record: America’s Hidden History, Secrets in the Mounds and the Smithsonian Files”     Jim Vieira’s Bio: Stonemason and historical detective, Jim […]