Deep Diver Discussion with Logan

Logan, Milab and Alternate Reality Jumper discusses the ways and means the milab controllers try to scramble or erase memories of milab ops. Logan talks about Frequency Modulation and Weather Manipulation as well as it relates to the erasure of memories of Milab Ops. […]


Commentary 76 The Power of the Heart Centre

James Bartley talks about the Power of Heart Centre. The Powers that be go to extreme lengths to shut down the heart centre of Humans. James also discusses the “Breed Out The Love Program” described by Barbara Bartholic because it is related to the Power of the Heart Centre. […]


Commentary 75: The Siege

James Bartley discusses the Siege Mentality wrought by this all out onslaught against the Human Race, citing historical parallels. James also discusses a way to overcome the Defeatist Mentality. James also talks about a “Resistance Movement” which might be a modern day version of The Trust which was a Soviet Era CHEKA inspired Counterintelligence Double Cross. James also talks about the impact of the Doolittle Raid on April 18th 1942. […]