Aliens & UFOs

Discussion with Chris Thrall

Chris Thrall, author of “Eating Smoke: One Man’s Descent into Crystal Meth Psychosis in Hong Kong’s Triad Heartland” and a former British Royal Marine Commando and podcaster of a hugely popular YouTube Channel joins forces with James Bartley in a joint podcast. James shares information about UFOs, The Military Involvement with the UFO – ET Phenomenon and insights into the Global Control System and Chris Thrall shares his perspective on the Global Control System. Chris Thrall is at the forefront of advocating on behalf of Combat Veterans.


Bernhard Guenther and Laura Matsue

Bernhard Guenther and Laura Matsue return to The Cosmic Switchboard Show to talk about current events including the emergence upon the International Consciousness of Christian Spiritual Warrior Dr. Stella Immanuel who openly discusses demonic possession and sexual attacks by Supernatural Forces. […]


Louisa Love Unmasking False Angels of Light

Louisa Love joins us on The Cosmic Switchboard to talk about overcoming Childhood Abuse and the Spiritual Warfare she experienced in the years thereafter. Louisa unmasked Fake Light Beings for what they are and experienced spiritual warfare reprisals. Despite all that, Louisa’s story is one of Triumph. […]


Pierre Sabak’s Interview

Pierre Sabak, an expert on Ancient Symbolism and Etymology and author of groundbreaking books including “The Murder of Reality” and “Holographic Culture” provides ground breaking information about Reptilians and the Reptilian Overlordship. […]


Carissa Conti Review

Carissa Conti, Writer and experiencer of unusual phenomena, talks about her latest article “Conspiracies in the Workplace: A Microcosm of the Greater World “Matrix.” We have all experienced Archontic – Demiurge inspired drama at the […]


Chuck Ochelli Current Events 1/2

Chuck Ochelli of The Ochelli Effect discusses current events, possible trends and what to watch out for in these very interesting times. Note this interview was conducted a few weeks back and much has changed since then. Still this is an interesting and thought provoking interview with a veteran podcaster who has had his finger on the pulse of a lot of issues for many years. […]