Steve LaPlume

Steve LaPlume was a Security Specialist and Airman 1st Class in the United States Air Force. He served at RAF Bentwaters and had two UFO Sightings in the Rendlesham Forest. In Part 1 Steve discusses […]


William S. English Grudge/Blue Book 13

Retired U.S. Army Special Forces Captain William English is our guest on The Cosmic Switchboard Show. During the Vietnam War William led a Special Forces team into Cambodia to secure the crash site of a B-52 Bomber. What he and his team found at the site was unsettling to say the least. After the Vietnam War William worked as a civilian at a NSA Facility at RAF Chicksands in Great Britain. William had an Above Top Secret Clearance. One day a document that looked like a technical manual with over six hundred pages was dropped into his Inbox. At that point his life was turned upside down. […]


Andrea Foulkes Interview

Andrea Foulkes, reknowned Past Life Regressionist, Spirit/Entity Release Specialist and Light Language Practitioner discusses her career which included a stint on a popular morning television show in the UK. […]


Event The Reptilian Overlordship

About the Event The Reptilian Overlordship and Military Subservience to the Reptilians The Subject of James Bartley’s Lecture is The Reptilian Overlordship and Military Subservience to the Reptilians. This will be a comprehensive Power Point […]


Ryan Phillips Dissolving the Matrix

Ryan Phillips is an Alien Abductee from the U.K. Ryan has had a lifetimes worth of unusual experiences including Missing Time Experiences and Astral Abductions. Ryan shares some of paranormal experiences he’s had and his Thoughts on this global control system. […]