Commentary 83 The Rise of the Defeatists

In Part 1 of the latest installment of Bartley’s Commentaries James Bartley discusses current events including the recent Truckers Convoy in Canada and the furor over the Synthesized Snake Venom Peptide findings. James also talks about a real world example of what real Controlled Opposition is. […]


Jordan Maxwell Interview

Jordan Maxwell talks about the nature of control here on Planet Earth. In response to a question about covert non-human control Jordan discusses the ways and means in which humans are essentially tagged from birth and turned into a corporate entity by this Matrix of Control. Note the similarity to the late great Charles Fort’s summation that Humans are unaware they are being farmed and domesticated. […]


The Last Transmission – The Reptilian Overlordship

James Bartley has been researching Alien Abductions and the Military/Aerospace Connection to UFOs, for over twenty five years. Over the years James has become one of a handful of researchers that specializes in the Taboo subject of the Serpent race or as he has dubbed it, The Reptilian Overlordship. For far too long, alien abduction researchers have focused almost exclusively on the entities known as “the Greys” and it has left a huge void in alien abduction/UFO research. Throughout the ages reptilians have been described by many names, they have been influencing human society throughout history in a covert and malicious manner! […]


Katie Wearne Interview

Katie Wearne, a Healing and Recovery Facilitator, joins us on The Cosmic Switchboard Show to discuss her ET and Mystical Experiences from childhood. Katie had a Near Death Experience and it was the actions of what Katie considered an Earth Angel that saved her life. Katie is quite familiar with Archontic Interference and Narcissistic Abuse and discusses these issues. […]


Ben Gordon Interviews

Ben Gordon, singer and songwriter who has had a lifetime of mystical, ET and paranormal experiences joins us for a discussion about his experiences starting from childhood. Ben Gordon recently published a video about his escape from a hospital where he was undergoing life ending protocols. […]