Liz The Magelion Commentary 3 Inner Child Imagination

Liz the Magelion discusses inner child work and the war on your imagination, weaving the two ideas together to form a greater picture of our options for the future. She touches on how she works with her inner child, candidly discusses her shadows, talks about her Little Warrior (a child part of her who was severely traumatized through SRA), discusses the importance of being in the present moment, and calls on listeners to embrace their own inner children, so we can come together in our collective imaginative spaces and create what we want to see. […]


Crystal Commentary by Liz The Magelion

Liz the Magelion shares a Crystal Healing Workshop with listeners of the Cosmic Switchboard Show. In part one, Liz explains what crystal healing is, how vibrational medicine works, and how crystal frequencies impact sentient beings through entrainment. She gives tips for choosing and having a positive experience with crystals, while describing her learning process and providing examples. Liz elaborates on cleansing crystals and Mohs’ Hardness Scale. She then details best practice for using crystals (cleanse, charge, program, charge, use, cleanse, charge, use) and explains crystal care. The commentary is rounded out by discussing different types of crystals that have helped Liz to energize, calm the mind, sleep better, alleviate restless legs and zapping sensations, protect from negativity, and harness the frequency of abundance […]