Commentary 74 An Estimate of the Situation 1948 to The Present

James Bartley discusses the Air Force “Estimate of the Situation” from 1948 which concluded Flying Saucers are interplanetary. James will discuss the videos coming from the US Navy in their historical context. This is not a “new” phenomenon. James also gives his own Estimate of the Situation based on Current Events and Ongoing Trends. […]


A Chat with James Bartley and Niish on A.I. Nanotech and Digital Twinning

Niish from The Cosmic Salon and James Bartley discuss the demonic entity connection with the Nanotech A.I. “Digital Twinning” aspect of the “treatments” being meted out to countless people and how this is indeed an Extinction Level Event (ELE) but the Consciousness and the Souls ensnared thereby may wind up trapped in some form of Hellish Limbo. Niish and James go over a number of interrelated topics that have to do with this ELE. […]