Commentary 84 Graphene Golems

In the latest segment of Bartley’s Commentaries on The Cosmic Wars, James discusses Pig Brains brought back to life, The Golem, Graphene’s role in Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell Research in connection with Regenerative Medicine and Ultra High Frequencies used to send chemicals, medicine and many other things into Human Bodies. All this relates to a possible Graphene Golem Outbreak i.e. a Zombie Apocalypse. […]


James Bartley – In Other News Radio

Guest – James Bartley has been researching these topics for twenty five years. He’s a protege of legendary alien abduction researcher Barbara Bartholic of Tulsa Oklahoma. James has spent years conducting paranormal field investigations in California’s High Desert. He’s an independent historian with emphasis on military history. He’s given many lectures on his research worldwide and he hosts the podcast Cosmic Switchboard. James co-facilitated support groups for Alien Abductees and Military Abductees […]


Commentary 83 The Rise of the Defeatists

In Part 1 of the latest installment of Bartley’s Commentaries James Bartley discusses current events including the recent Truckers Convoy in Canada and the furor over the Synthesized Snake Venom Peptide findings. James also talks about a real world example of what real Controlled Opposition is. […]