July 2016

Masaki Miyagawa Interview

Masaki Miyagawa is an author, speaker and consultant based in Los Angeles. He has over 10 years experience in the esoteric field and his family has been involved in Buddhist […]

The following three examples are given to the reader to underline the fact that in certain circles, the subject of UFOs and Alien Life Forms is regarded with something bordering […]

Notes From The Underground

This is a three way discussion I had with dear friends Debra Jayne East and Naome Swan. We talk about the archontic interference within relationships, ways to detect such interference […]

Song – “Frequency War” produced by Monita De Varge of Photonsonics. Featuring James Bartley’s comments about the Frequency War.

Welcome to The Cosmic Switchboard

I’m very pleased to announce the launch of my Podcast Show, The Cosmic Switchboard. You can count on informative and thought provoking commentary from my guests. I will also give […]

Solaris Blueraven Interview

Interview with Solaris Blueraven about artificial telepathy and remote manipulation. Part 1 on Youtube: Part 1: Part 2 – Members Only: Part 2 – Members Only: AAC for iPhone under […]