Fear and Loathing regarding UFOs.

The following three examples are given to the reader to underline the fact that in certain circles, the subject of UFOs and Alien Life Forms is regarded with something bordering dread and in some cases outright fear and loathing. I had gotten to know the Force Science Advisor at COMNAVAIRPAC (Commander Naval Air Forces Pacific Fleet) based at Naval Air Station North Island(NASNI) in San Diego California. The Science Advisor needed me to cull unwanted incoming message traffic from his office code.

He and I were walking along inside the base and having a chat. He made reference to “Blue Sky Projects” at DARPA (Defense Advance Research Projects Agency) and in response I blurted out “Oh, like Field Propulsion, Anti-Gravity and Electro-gravitics?” In response he said, “you mean like FLYING SAUCERS?” Without missing a beat, I said “Yes like Flying Saucers.” He hesitated a moment and then said…”Yes, I’ve spoken to a lot of PILOTS ABOUT THEIR FLYING SAUCER SIGHTINGS.”

He was pulling away. So I let the matter drop. I wasn’t so much interested in Flying Saucer Reports from Military Pilots as I was in finding out what the Force Science Advisor had heard on the grapevine about the back engineering of Alien Technology and the creation of entire fleets of advanced craft which created their own gravitational fields. I didn’t think he would tell me even if he knew but it was worth a shot.

On another occasion I was in Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix Arizona waiting to catch my flight back to San Diego.  I was at the Departure Gate. I got to talking to the guy standing in line in front of me. It turned out the guy was a retired test pilot for an aerospace firm and had served in the Guadalcanal Campaign in the Solomon Islands during World War 2. Being somewhat familiar with that campaign I asked him questions about the various air, sea and naval battles in and around Guadalcanal. I can tell he was really enjoying our conversation. He reminisced about “The Night” when two Japanese battleships shelled Henderson Field. Before too long the P.A. announced Final Boarding for our flight so I decided to ask him a roundabout question regarding UFOs. I asked him “did you or anyone you know see any FOO FIGHTERS?” His expression and demeanor immediately changed. Whereas a moment before, he was enjoying our chat and reminiscing about his experiences on Guadalcanal now he didn’t want anything to do with me. He replied “NO” and then turned around and stood with his back to me. End of conversation.

Foo Fighters was the term American pilots and aircrew used to describe the glowing orbs and balls of light that seemed to follow and pace aircraft from all the warring nations during World War 2.  Foo Fighters was a term that stuck. Note that the term “UFO” was never mentioned in the brief conversation I had with this guy. Yet the moment I mentioned Foo Fighters his demeanor abruptly changed and I definitely detected fear in the guy. Since he was a former test pilot and may or may not have retained his security clearances and may have been receiving a pension, I can understand his reluctance to discuss such matters. So this guy who has no qualms about pushing an aircraft to the limits of its performance envelope and survived a night when he was being shelled by Japanese Battleships, becomes frightened at the mere hint of “Foo Fighters.”

When I worked in the telecommunications industry I headed up a small “Major Accounts Department.” I reported to a supervisor but since my supervisor was usually out of commission with fierce migraines and often absent, I was for a time the acting supervisor. Our clients were State, Local and Federal Agencies as well as very large corporations. One of the newer members of our team had recently transferred to our department from the main Call Centre. It turned out this guy was an ex u.s. Marine Aviator who flew the Marine Harrier “Jump Jets” out of Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Yuma in Western Arizona and was hoping to catch on with one of the aviation firms which specialized in transporting cargo. (Many former military pilots hope to land a job flying with the passenger airlines or the cargo airlines after their military careers are over.) Meanwhile he was biding his time doing customer service work in this telecom firm.

On one occasion this ex marine pilot overheard myself and a couple of other members of our department talking about UFOs and Flying Saucers. Seated just a few feet away from me, this ex marine stated, “Don’t include me in this conversation. I don’t want to know. I SIGNED A NON-DISCLOSURE STATEMENT.” So I respected his request and did not ask him to share any stories he may have heard or personally witnessed regarding UFOs during his stint as a u.s. Marine Corps Harrier pilot. I could tell by his facial expression, demeanor and body language that the subject matter of UFOs was causing him some degree of emotional distress.

Why such FEAR if UFOs are not supposed to exist? Note the Force Science Advisor in the first story related above…he openly admitted that he had spoken to a number of military pilots who had seen Flying Saucers (and probably UFOs of various shapes and sizes.) He didn’t mind talking about UFOs if we just discussed pilot sightings but that wasn’t what I was after. I have spoken to former airline pilots, former fighter pilots, former policemen, former military personnel and people from all walks of life both civilian and military who had seen UFOs or had encounters with non-human life forms. The subject of UFOs and Alien Life Forms is STILL the most highly classified subject in the world, the efforts of the so-called “Disclosure Movement” notwithstanding. There has been an ongoing debunking and ridiculing program regarding the existence of UFOs and Aliens since January 1953 at the behest of the CIA. The latter has shaped public perception about the subject of UFOs and Aliens to an extraordinary degree especially among those who are content with letting others do their thinking for them. However, as noted above, there are many people throughout society who know that Alien Space Craft exist. They just don’t want to talk about it.








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