Non-Human Life Forms & Deep Black Military Industrial Complex “Cultural Relations” – Commentary 98

James Bartley talks about the fifth Annual Majestic Twelve Report. He talks about “Cultural Relations” between deep black elements of the Military Industrial Complex and Non-Human Life Forms. The report mentions mass disappearance of soldiers in various armies throughout history.
In Part 2 James describes a hypothetical but quite likely scenario about how Majestic Twelve and its subcommittees would have embarked on the road to a liaison with Non-Human Life Forms. James talks about the Hybridization Agenda as it relates to the Mass Immigrant Invasion, In-Breeding and much more.

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  1. I’ve been waiting for a commentary James!!And 98 doesn’t disappoint. It’s so true that past proves the present. I found your reading of the Majestc documents excellent, but it was the personal verified and validated information that made it so amazingly clear. Just reading is one thing, but having the commentary with the reading is a whole other thing! The membership discussion was so to the point and disgustingly very accurate. I appreciate the the validated information about incest and how it is viewed. I lived in Saudi Arabia and had contact with many of the races you mentioned in your report.
    You are truly a GEM of great price. I know I can trust what I hear from you on all levels. You have expanded my mind and understandings IMMENSELY and I appreciate the great sacrifices you have given over many years TO EDUCATE HUMANITY. I commend you for your tireless work!

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