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Claircognizant, clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyant & a seer of Truth from birth, Mesheril’s Journey began as that of the reluctant Mystic. While she remembered her life purpose was that of being in service to humanity & from the age of two knew she wanted to “be a doctor to help assist people to be well,” it would take many years of emotional pain from traumatic childhood abuse & frequent bouts of deep depression during childhood and adolescence, before Mesheril was guided to her Native Canadian mentor to begin healing the wounds of not just her current life, but other life times & ancestral trauma as well.
Dr. Mesheril Manyfeathers discusses Fake Ascended Masters, and her work with people who have suffered Trauma in their current and past incarnations. Dr. Manyfeathers talks about the hosted people she has met at Group Meditations and Fake Hosted Gurus.
In Part 2 Dr. Manyfeathers talks about the fallacy of using “Love” as protection against the Archontic Forces. She talks about “Ascension Tinitus” and how reptilians and other entities swarm over and inside Ashrams and other places where people conduct Group Meditations.


Dr. Manyfeathers talks about “the Anomaly” wherein every 26,000 or so years Humanity begins to wake up which compels the archontic forces to try and cull the Human Race. Dr. Manyfeathers also discusses how Fake Lightworkers have to maintain the LIE in order to continue to make money by pushing New Cage Philosophies.

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  1. the 9:59 time, that’s an added plus for healing, when you have to communicate as little as possible, because, let’s say it has an even more added effect of “wow, that hits the spot even more”

    the thing about the chakras being somewhat of a siphoning mechanism for either spectrum, that does sound true.

    however, think of how a life is without the chakras at all. or think of not knowing at all about chakras, or being aware of them at all even on a basic level. you get siphoned even more. so, definitely better than worse. you do best fine tuning the chakras, and working on discerning what needs to be removed or added when it comes to what is and is not an implant.

    i think the reason they do so much psychological warefare, is because , let’s say, a complete massacre of everybody, would almost activate the chakras in survival mode upon foul play, and backfire on the looshers. so they test the line who knows how many ways in between.

    i agree about meddling with beings in a vulnerable state when they are asleep. you possibly cannot get any lower.

    even though i have little say, or little voice, i could have told people when i was 5 years old that their thoughts mean something and are going somewhere.

    but if this is going to get cleared from the ground up, most regular people need to realize , and pick and choose what they watch and with what attitude even during waking hours.

    i stopped playing video games at age 20 because it was causing heart problems. and was far too much adrenaline for the CNS whilst the physical body was still, however, i still think they are semi productive for most people and they have their place.

    but compound and parallel such stress unto what semi awake ppl all over the ground level choose to watch through hollywood horror, or suspense films. it all goes somewhere in the air, and also kind of comes back to even ourselves when we go to sleep at night. so, off worlders or not, just the people here, if they are really here, are to blame, even if it is a semi losing battle.

    you know, if you have free time to watch tv, would you laugh at a comedy, or watch an artificially induced suspense heart wrecking film.

    as for every ET race being love and light. who knows. but what if one race is so advanced that they are almost all love, however, here and there it appears not as so , or far from so, due to the factor of a low negative human may be witchunting them up the fractal. best option, just run away of course.

    and it may be elementary, but i think if circumstances don’t allow much outside of a weird sense of semi false responsibilities, i think that waking up an hour or 2 hours early, and grouping yourself together and doing nothing upon waking up, will make you feel so much better than rushing out of door in the morning. it’s small but effective.

  2. but who knows what is going on, because couldn’t the public pitch in like literally a nickel per day to buy out the commercials on television to not even play zero commercials?

    perhaps no, because whatever out there probably wants the stress, or the masses are the 1%.

    it’s not complete the movie idiocracy, however, upon 15 years of age, i recognized things were bad when i had to notify myself and everybody around me that we need to start drinking at least 1 gallon of water per day. yet, semi laughed at, then when it was not even about that, it seemed that you could not make them drink more water, even if they knew it would restore them more.

    begs the postulate of if they are all dead, and are wearing masks, and are somehow living off of the few people that are alive. just kidding, but odd example, of how hard is it to make those small adjustments?

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