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bio-lynn-williams_1Lynn has been an Empath and Claircognizant since she was a child. She utilized these gifts to build several businesses from scratch and to help her become a top senior management recruiter in the corporate world for 25 years, as she was able to accurately assess whether a candidate was the right person for the job based on the “unseen” parts of the personality.

In Part 1 Lynn discusses the nature of Etheric Implants and some of the locations they are placed in the auric body, energetic body and physical body. She discusses the impact Etheric Implants can have on a person and how it affects their physical state as well as their mental state. She discusses the connection Etheric Implants have with Artificial Intelligence.

In Part 2 Lynn Williams talks about how she developed a friendship with a Sasquatch Tribal Elder. She talks about how the Sasquatch are actually Humans and our elder brothers and sisters and have a vested interest in the Human Race. The Sasquatch are caretakers of the Earth. She describes the connection Sasquatch has with certain benevolent ET races and also describes how people who are heart centred can become Ambassadors to the Sasquatch and help to build bridges between the Human Race and the Sasquatch Tribes. Lynn discusses some of the prophecies and predictions given to her by the Sasquatch.


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  1. I happen to teach much like Lynn and I value how she teaches SELF too. It’s up to OUR-SELVES to heal within. I teach water therapy, frequency, energy cleaning and so much more. I highly value this amazing woman and I’d love to work with her myself. I’m such a strong woman myself teaching so many things and I’d like to learn the implant removal to help my students and clients
    Jolene JoJo Seebacher
    Spiritual Life Journeys

  2. Lyn Williams, James Bartley, I believe I am being deeply influenced by an implants or black goo. Please assist me. I feel like my life is being stolen and I am holding on it’s hard.

  3. I can actually feel a barrier in my throat at times. I wonder if that is an etheric implant? My mom use to get it too.

    I always disregarded sasquatch as fiction until now. Great show!

  4. James Bartley, your interviewing style is brilliant! Your delivery is heart centered and you effortlessly create a healing space of compassion putting both your guest and listeners at ease ? Lynn Williams if you get the chance to read this, your story and experiences fascinate me! I can feel your healing energy come through in your words and I related so deeply to your history that I cried – I cried healing tears as my spirit connected to the truth as well as reconnecting with a deep grief of my own life experiences realising that ever since I was a child I’ve had implants and been used by hyperdimensional forces – the pain and shame and self blame I’ve carried for a lifetime,d
    I am deeply committed to my healing and spiritual sovereignty and I look so forward to hearing more from you in the future! I also hope that one day son I’m able to connect with Sasquatch as there is a nigglimg in my jeaerr to,follow this – thank you ? And thank you James for having Lynn on your show!

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