Paul Sinclair Classic UFO Landing Occupant Case

Veteran UFO and Cryptid Researcher Paul Sinclair returns to The Cosmic Switchboard Show to talk about a truly extraordinary Landed UFO Occupant Case involving Black Ops elements of the Military in which civilian motorist were temporarily detained. Paul conducts investigations in one of the worlds True Hot Spots, the Bempton region of North Yorkshire England, an area he refers to as a “Multi-Phenomena Area” or “MFA.” With so much lamestream media coverage these days of military pilots encounters with UFOs its important to remind everyone of what real time encounters on the ground are like.
In Part 2 Paul goes into detail about certain cases and aspects of the Bempton Region which he describes as a MFA or Multi-Phenomena Area.” This is a region of strange animal deaths, cryptid sightings, disappearing RAF Tornado Jets, UFO sightings, Missing Persons, ET Encounters and much more.
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