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jolene-seebacher2Jolene JoJo Seebacher of Spiritual Life Journeys is a certified licensed spiritual counselor and teacher specializing in helping targeted individuals, program-project survivors, experiencers including experiences of the love bite, SRA victims, and the newly awakened.Born with her enhanced supernatural abilities, Jolene JoJo Seebacher is also a Survivor herself of Black Ops military programming.


jolene-seebacher3Jolene worked with Sandoz pharmaceutical and military/government as a remote viewer, psychic analyst, and a spy under several missions specifically in the Gulf War. Jolene is a survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse and horrible torture and testing throughout her Young Life. She has triumphed over this and has learned how to deprogram and reprogram, also teaching people their own Supernatural development and enhancement.


Jolene JoJo Seebacher specializes in psychic self-defense for all types of targeted individuals, helping thousands world wide for almost 14 years.Jolene has been trying to expose the pedophile rings throughout the home towns she’s lived in and survived from throughout her life.Jolene has been running her own business Spiritual Life Journeys into her 14th year year now, and offers Soul Counseling, Psychic Analysis Readings, and teaches what she’s deemed as “Psi self-Defense and Protection Techniques, specializing in Energy Mastery and Alchemy for targeted individuals and the newly awakened.  She concentrates in helping people deprogram and reprogram to their original Soul Code Genetics and has helped hundreds of the newly awakened cope through these life altering- life shattering truths.


In Part 1 Jolene Seebacher, a Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) Survivor, Spiritual Counsellor and Energy Mastery Teacher, discusses the importance of creating a Foundation for Self Healing Work. She also discusses the importance of clearing energy from our physical and energetic bodies whenever we’ve been exposed to energy fields which may prove harmful to us in the short or long term. Jolene talks about her experiences as a SRA survivor and a Project Person and how she overcame her challenges to become a tutor and mentor to others who are on the road to healing and reintegration.


In Part 2 Jolene Seebacher talks about “Oversouling” from the perspective of the Satanists and Luciferians who are conducting the Magickal Rituals. She describes the main phases of Satanic Ritual Ceremonies. Jolene briefly discusses Max Spiers and his untimely death.

Jolene Seebacher’s website is: Spiritual Life Journeys
Jolene Seebacher’s Facebook: Jojo.Seebacher

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  1. Hi Jolene,

    I just had the urge to say thank you and that you are important. Consider it a spiritual message passed through. That is all I intended to write about. God bless you.

    …There is more that I can say though. I found your experience interesting. A friend of my daughter talked her demon (my words) into revealing itself to me. I talked with it for a couple hours. A very strange experience. She is from Japanese royal bloodlines and was implanted at age two to have a symbiotic relationship with this “split personality”. From this experience I’d think that MKUltra was learned from the NAZI’s which learned from the Japanese. It seems the techniques have become more destructive to the host over time. This host had been silenced after exposing secrets to me. The innocence of the host is a disguise for the demon that only lets the host think it is still in control. I don’t know of the host personality even exists anymore. Very sad story.

    Warm Regards,


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