Lon Strickler Interview – Bat Humanoids and Disclosure

Veteran Cryptozoologist, UFO/ET Investigator and Radio Host on Arcane Radio Lon Strickler returns to The Cosmic Switchboard Show to discuss the latest developments in the ongoing saga of the Flying Bat Winged Humanoids seen in Chicago Illinois and elsewhere. Lon talks about the interference from MUFON during the Bat Humanoid investigations. Lon discusses Remote Viewing and also talks about one of the most important reptilian abduction cases of all time, the David Eckhart case.

In Part 2 Lon Strickler goes into detail about the David Eckhart Reptilian case. David has been taken to underground bases. There are portals and vortexes in his home that allowed reptilians, greys and other ETs ready access to his home. This is one of the most important segments ever presented in The Cosmic Switchboard Show.

Lon Strickler’s website is: Phantoms and Monsters

Here is the link for his new book: Alien Disclosure


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  1. Hi, James, Lon and thank you both for the information and work for spreading the truth.

    Regarding the part two, about those beings being jealous on us, I think this is because of the soul aspect, which they lack – all we see on them is technology, no empathy and / or the low emotions, which they also want to propagate and instill in us, in order to harvest and feed of.

    All of Corado Malanga’s hypnosis and research showed interference with beings who hated us, but speaking of “that thing that we have” and they was looking for and trying by various means to have for themselves.

    Corado talks about aliens with or without a physical body, but all lacking the soul.

    There are so many aspects that come into my mind and I am trying to put things together regarding the big picture or trying to find some logic or reason, you know.

    I think here we are on a prison planet, in a type of quarantine, in order to keep this evil virus restricted, but we still have the capacity to free ourselves and also I think that we have help in here, in some kind of way – and it is regarding of our free will or free choice what will happen in the future.

    In the same time, I am thinking of this planet as an experiment, like it is the only and the first of it’s kind, with all the beauty and majestic of Earth, nature, waters, mountains, clouds, everything and people living on it, in various ways, creating, having fun and enjoying and all those beings, I have never heard of any having the same context, families, bicycles, singing, playing with a dog or just contemplating a tree. And they are visiting us, like they did in David’s house, to see all that :).
    And then, I don’t know what happened, that things started to be deviated and people became more and more mean and ruthless and all that.

    If we think that it is our own creation, like Malanga and many other accounts say, somewhere we have made a mistake, because continuous lessons of suffering and horrific torment and evil do not have means and reason and logic, for evolving and go further in the path of evolving.

    Regarding the lessening of the population, by various means, I don’t think that they want to kill us, and not all, for sure, but we are so many already and if something happens, we can defeat them, being unite and working together; I think they are trying just to decrease a little bit the population and make it more and more blind, obedient, also mixing our DNA with technology, in order to be easier to manipulate and harvested and that is the moment we can include the singularity, as well, as a final entrapment for us.
    Also the chems and air pollution maybe help them to live here, like they are or as hybrids, that’s another possibility.

    The fact that they have the means to heal human diseases, like they done with David and I think that we also have them here, but are kept hidden or distorted, and I heard about other people being healed by them, I think because they needed them for some agenda, maybe their bloodline, genetics or something, but not because of empathy and care.

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