Matt Landmann Interview 5G Cellular Danger and Chemtrail History

Matt Landman, Chemtrail Activist & 5G Activist discusses the history of aerosol spraying and weather modification. The manipulation of weather has been going on at least since the early 20th Century. Matt talks about the Electromagnetic Frequency Modulation aspect of chemtrails and weather manipulation. This is an outstanding and very timely interview. Matt has produced a documentary about chemtrails called “Frankenskies: The Movie.”
In Part 2 Matt Landman talks about the 5G Rollout, the size of the frequency waves, how to recognize the 5G towers (which come in all forms and disguises) and what can be done to protect oneself from the harmful radiation.
Matt Landman’s Websites are: Actual Activists & Frankenskies

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Part 1:

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