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From early childhood to the present day, Robert has experienced contact with several types of beings from other worlds. On 28th December 1980, together with his wife and two young sons, Robert stood less than 150 feet below a huge disc shaped craft hovering above him on a quiet country road near his home. This event triggered memories of childhood encounters and began his 38 years of research into subjects such as the crop circles, abductions, and animal mutilations, all of which he has a deep knowledge of. He has spoken on these subjects both in the UK and abroad, and has been interviewed at length on radio programs and appeared in documentaries, the latest of which will be the much anticipated Capel Green film, to be released shortly.
Life Long Alien Abductee Robert Hulse discusses some of his experiences beginning at 2 years of age with Extraterrestrial and Interdimensional Beings. He describes a “Missing Time” experience when he was a boy when he and his sister were dropped off by ETs at the bottom of a headland next to the ocean and they had to climb up a sea cliff to get to safety. Robert is an outstanding investigator in his own right and provides a lot of insight into ET Contacts.
In Part 2 Robert Hulse shares more of his experiences including a face to face encounter with a human looking ET who attended one of his lectures. This is reminiscent of public contacts between human looking ETs and human “contactees” in the Contactee Era. Robert talks about a light being he had an encounter with, times he has shapeshifted, his investigations into underground ET bases in England and much more. This is one of the most informative interviews of an Alien Abductee I have ever come across.

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  1. Robert comes across as a genuine and sincere person. He kind of reminds me of Paul Sinclair. Any idea of they plan on collaborating? I still have a small section of part 1 to listen to then will dig into part 2. Thank you once again James, God bless you.

  2. I loved the interview with Robert Hulse. He’s had so many encounters with the paranormal, very credible!

  3. fantastic interview, as usual, thank you very much, Robert and James and what a ride for you, Robert, it is really stunning.

    for me coming here and listening to James guest is genuine persons, information and enriching my knowledge and wisdom.

    I have to say that following Robert’s account made me more trustful in the good aspect of those beings. I am thinking and logic tells me that this must be true, but really I do not believe it, you know. But Robert’s info added some evidence to this.

    very good site, Robert and I will look at it in more detail, for sure.

    the family / partner part, is hard, isn’t it???? I do not have any personal paranormal or ET events in my life, but the fact that those aspects of life interests me and many others out of the mainstream points of view, I don’t have anybody to talk to, very nice situation, what can I say :))))))))))).

    I also am glad for you James, that you have found a partner with whom you can share those things, good for you and her, James :).

    I don’t have any encounters or paranormal stuff in my life, but I have also, like you, James, for 2-3 years, dreams with alien invasions; the strange thing with them is that the scenario gradually moves from, in the first dream of this kind – ships in the sky, full of them, then in the other dreams they were closer and closer to the ground, than at the level of the buildings and than at the ground level, where there were some weird devices on the streets and people were gathering around them to look better and I knew that they will be killed by those devices and I was trying to convince people to get away from that spot. Not at all pleasant dreams, this I can tell you for sure.

    But, the dreams started around the period when I started to be aware of and confronted with the phenomena called Mandela Effect, which I still am today, because I don’t know how and if it will stop and more, how it will end, if it will until the end of my life. I know that you, James, know what this phenomena is, because you have spoken in some of your videos about it.

    Anyway, thank you again, very much, Robert and James and keep up the good work.

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