Logan Lucid Dreaming ETs Underground Bases

Logan is a Milab, ET Abductee, Lucid Dreamer and Alternate Reality/Timeline “Jumper.” In Part 1 Logan talks about his efforts to refine his lucid dreaming technique and how development of this skill enabled him to remember his dreams, alter the outcome of dreams and have better recall of some of his Milab and Alternate Reality Experiences.

Logan talks about Infrasonics used to amp up the FEAR FREQUENCY which is currently driving countless people into a mouth foaming frenzy over fear of the Coronavirus. Logan talks about Undeground Bases he’s been too as well as some of his UFO and ET Experiences.
Logan’s email is: vitriolum3@gmail.com

Logan provided a link about Infrasonics: View more

He also provided a link to help people counteract the effects of being sprayed: View more

In Part 2 Logan the Milab talks about his Alternate Reality Experiences, the Training, encounters with Reptilians in Alternate Realities, battles with Zombies, “Aggressor” Forces he’s encountered in Alternate Realities and their possible analog to this reality and much more. This is a thought provoking interview with a legitimate milab who is NOT a Space Cowboy.

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Part 1:

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