Lets go out to the Hearing Test Van – by James Bartley

Years ago I had a discussion with Joyce Spivey. Joyce lived in the High Desert of Southern California and she had her own Milab (Military Abductee) support group. Eve Lorgen and I attended some of her meetings and we met wonderful people, all milabs from the Victorville, Barstow, Ridgecrest (near China Lake), Adelanto and Hemet areas. Joyce like myself was a close confidant of Barbara Bartholic of Tulsa Oklahoma. Both Joyce and Barbara have since passed on into the afterlife but their contribution and legacy still remain. If you watch the documentary by Michael Hessemann called “Secrets of the Black World” about Area 51/S4 in Central Nevada, Joyce’s son is interviewed and describes his sighting of a flying saucer that came out from behind the Groom Mountain Range and suddenly hovered above the car he was sitting in.

During this discussion, Joyce asked me “as a young boy, was your entire classroom taken out of class and brought out to a Mobile Hearing Van right outside and each kid was taken into the van and given a hearing test? This would have been about the 2nd Grade…then years later in High School, were you suddenly called out of class and told to go to the Hearing Van for another test but this time there were only two or three other kids besides yourself who reported to the Hearing Van? This would have happened anytime from the 9th Grade to the 12th Grade.”

I had to answer YES and YES to both questions. I remember it clearly. The teachers (because it was more than one class that was involved) made it sound as if it was a fun “happening” thing to go outside class (Yippee!) and get our hearing tested in the mobile hearing van. We kids were formed into a line outside the van. The kids were allowed in one at a time. I noticed most kids were in and out of the hearing van like a dose of salts. Finally it was my turn to go inside. There were two technicians. They asked me to close my hand into a fist and then placed headphones over my head and asked me to listen for certain tones. If they played a tone and I heard it, then I was to open my fist palm up (almost like I was asking for a hand out). They proceeded to play a tone which I heard loud and clear. I opened my hand palm up. They nodded their heads as if to say “this is normal.” Then they twiddled the knobs again and played another tone and I heard it clearly and opened my hand. This time the techs looked confused. “Are you SURE you can hear that tone?” they asked me. I said YES I can hear it clearly. Then they tweaked the knobs and played another tone and although a bit fainter, I could clearly hear it and opened my hand accordingly. This threw them into a near panic. They began arguing with me stating that I could not possibly hear that tone but I told them, yes I can definitely hear it. They twiddled the knobs yet again and played another tone. This one higher and fainter but I still heard it and opened my hand. One of the techs began writing notes. Then they tweaked the knobs yet again and played a tone and sure enough I heard it. It was only after a couple of more refinements in the control panel did I finally NOT hear a tone. I was then dismissed by the techs to their evident relief.

Years later I was called out of my English Class in High School to go have my hearing checked at the Mobile Hearing Van. What was interesting was, I often as not played “hooky” i.e. I cut classes. I may have gotten an “Admit Card” to get back into say, 1st Period, but that didn’t mean I could get an Admit Card (with a phony note) into say, 3rd period because my absences varied from class to class based on my level of interest, the “coolness” of the teacher, the amount of cool friends I had in a certain class etc. A Freshman and a Sophomore (years 9 and 10 respectively) had six periods i.e. six mandatory classes and it was questionable whether I would be in any one class at any time. Even as a Junior or a Senior (years 11 and 12) it was questionable whether I would be in a given class at any one time and by then I only had four or five classes to attend. “Less Is More” was my guiding philosophy during High School.

Sometimes I would attend the first two periods, take my break and then skip third or fourth period. So looking back it was a surgical strike that “they” managed to find me in my English Class when I could easily have skipped out on it. Anyhow I was instructed to go to the Mobile Hearing Van clear on the other side of school near Auto Shop, Wood Shop etc. Sure enough, the mobile hearing van was sitting there but this time there were only three other kids there besides me. I didn’t know any of them. Again, I was just happy to be out of class. Any excuse would do.

This time it was rather cut and dried. They played me a few tones, I heard most of them and then they dismissed me. I have since asked Alien Abductees and Milabs if they have gone through the Hearing Van tests. Often as not the answer was yes. And many of the people who answered in the affirmative also were called back to a second hearing test years later. Moreover a certain number of people who I know to be abductees and milabs not only went through both phases of the hearing van tests but they were also made to provide URINE and FECAL Samples to their doctors, be they civilian or military doctors. The parents would be tasked with obtaining said samples at home and then bring them to the doctor’s office and turn them in. This happened during childhood around the ages of 6 or 7 and may have lasted for months.

I bring this up to show the massive scale of these bogus hearing tests. They could care less about the kids hearing. In all likelihood they were looking for IMPLANTS. Alien Implants. Virtually all the people I spoke to who were called into the Hearing Van a second time during their High School years were alien abductees and milabs. This is a PATTERNED DATA CORRELATION. It is statistically significant.

In a future writing I will talk about the medical anomalies of alien abductees and milabs as well as the fact that many of them have had their medical records stolen or misplaced.


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  1. This is a great article James. I just finished high school in 2014 and that’s the year i found your work. I had the same habit of cutting class all of my high school years. I had to finish through home school. I was not interested in school work i could not stay focused. I can remember the hearing tests also it was not in a van but in another room on campus. If i can remember clearly i was pulled out more then once for vision tests and hearing. The testing was yearly for everyone at school but some students had to take it twice.

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