Charmaine DRozario Interview

Charmaine is a ET human hybrid, Mantis, Lion being but mostly Reptilian. She has always had ET experiences and abductions and also spiritual and paranormal phenomena occur around her. She has also had negative encounters with military, secret societies, some ET’s and MILAB experiences. Charmaine has hybrid children that she does not have access to due to them being held by the military and secret societies. She works closely with various positive ET groups for the benefit of humanity including The Galactic Federation who have encouraged her to start an organisation to ‘Bridge The Divide Between Humanity, Hybrids & Aliens’. The Galactic Federation also wish her to start a health, education and retreat centre with cutting edge alternative therapies, support, counselling and regression for experiencers, abductees and hybrids as well as facilities for courses, workshops, conferences, art gallery, multimedia centre, library and space for other practitioners to facilitate in improving and maintaining people’s health and well being. Charmaine offers various services including nutrition, emotional freedom technique, intuitive healing body work and massage, life coaching, Reiki healing and courses. This year Charmaine is also running sacred sites tours and work shops for hybrids and experiencers.
Charmaine D’Rozario-Saytch is a Reptilian Human Hybrid who has shapeshifted into reptilian form at least twice. Charmaine talks about her experiences with the reptilians, various ET groups, Secret Societies and deep black elements of the Military. Charmaine
 Charmine’s Website’s: The Galactic Federation

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