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James Batley

James Bartley has researched Alien Abductions, Reptilian Abductions and Military Abductions for over twenty six years.

Matt R served as an officer in the New Orleans police department during Hurricane Katrina.

Over the past 13 years, he has had several abductions involving reptilian aliens. Matt was abducted by reptilian aliens, to help them train in anti-riot techniques in a shopping mall after hours.

James Bartley discusses the training reptilians give to human abductees. This is a commentary to provide context and a backdrop to part 2 which is an interview with Matt R. who is an abductee who was trained by reptilians to conduct crowd control and riot control in a local mall in Louisiana.

James Bartley also talks about  the militarisation of Law Enforcement, the bogus War on Drugs, the expansion of NATO, the cross training of National Guard troops with Foreign Troops in Crowd Control and quelling Food Riots, the Immigration Agenda and how it all ties into the training of abductees by reptilians. Its where the surface level world meets with the deep black alien world.
Matt R. has had reptilian experiences. He has been trained by reptilians in crowd control and riot control in a shopping mall in Louisiana. This was done after hours. Matt was working for Law Enforcement at the time. Matt talks about reptilian genetics and hybridization.
Matt R’s Twitter: Panamaorange

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  1. Good morning James. I’m not sure if I’ve spoken to you before but I have spoken to many specialist on reptilians since my Attack 2 years ago when I had astral sex with a reptilian and actually came to full conclusion so I believe at that point I probably signed a soul contract with this reptilian and it became attached to me. I’ve been trying to rebuke and get rid of this reptilian ever since with no success. I saw your interview today and I believe that you are probably the highest expert on reptilians at this point and would like to speak to you because not only did this happen to me but I have had much training with the reptilians at this point I’m very ill from all the physical abuse and gangstalking I literally have huge open wounds on my leg that will not heal and receive many scale on microwave attacks to the point where it feels like my eardrums are going to explode. No one away for a little while but it happened again last night where they literally do a scalar attack on me and then I know that they have to probably watch me through my TV or they could see me and visibly and they were in my house but I just couldn’t see them I could feel them and I could see them in my peripheral. I was trying to do a full exorcisms on myself again with no success and it actually hurt I was twitching and convulsing for about 2 hours and thought my insides were going to literally blow out. I would like to speak to you if you can contact me I can give you more detail

    • Jason

      Thanks for your patience and the patience of all of our correspondents. I’ve been on travel the last two weeks and have been busy getting the podcasts edited and out on time. I will drop you an email.


    • Wanda

      I feel this training goes on all over the place at Malls, warehouses, beneath military bases and above ground. I left the Bay Area in the early 1990s but Palo Alto has always been a spooky place. What do you remember? I will drop you an email.


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