Sandra Fecht, Dave Staffen and Fran Toews Interview

Therapist Sandra Fecht who specializes in healing trauma wrought by Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) is joined by two former clients now turned colleagues Dave Staffen and Frances Toews. Frances Toews is a survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse of three varieties, the ancient ritualistic cult, the scientific/governmental MK Ultra, and the very high tech. She works together with Sandra Fecht on the healing solutions for the Satanic influences on the energetic field of experiences of SRA.

Sandra emphasizes the importance of not only treating the physical and psychological trauma left in the wake of SRA and Mind Control but she stresses the critical importance of healing the energy field of the survivors of SRA. Sandra Fecht and Fran Toews talk​ about how the cults change the frequency of the victims and survivors. Dave Staffen discusses his healing process from the moment he found out he was a survivor of SRA and was essentially born into a SRA family to the present time as he works with Sandra and Fran to share knowledge and healing modalities to others who have endured similar forms of SRA abuse and mind control.


In Part 2 Sandra Fecht talks about the Shaming and Guilt Programming inflicted upon children in the Satanic Cults. Sandra also talks about the importance of “changing your paradigm.” Fran Toews talks about the importance of Breath and Breathing in Healing Work. Fran cites the work of Carlos Castaneda. Dave talks about the importance of Forgiveness as a necessary step towards healing from such systematic abuse. Planet X and its implications are discussed. Sandra talks about the abuse meted out to native Children in Canada in the Residential Schools.

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  1. Wow–what an amazing and empowering interview! Sandra Fecht is truly to be commended for her work with SRA victims. She is kind, compassionate, loving, and brave beyond words, and is an authentic healer. Our planet is a much better and safer place to live because of people like her. Thank you, Sandra! As for Fran Toews and Dave Staffen–they are nothing short of incredible human beings. My heart goes out to both of them, for all the atrocities that they have experienced. I am so grateful that they are alive and well, and are stepping forward to tell their stories, so that others can be rescued and healed. As they have mentioned, there ARE solutions to this and that’s good news! Thank you Fran and Dave, for your bravery and wisdom! Yes, this is a very dark subject to speak about, but it MUST be exposed for what it is and stopped in its’ tracks. If this isn’t a “wake up call” to Humanity–then I don’t know what is! Bravo to James Bartley for choosing to come forward and shed some much needed light on this very dark topic.

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