James Bartley Commentary 20

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James Batley

James Bartley has researched Alien Abductions, Reptilian Abductions and Military Abductions for over twenty five years.

In Part 1 James talks about Energy Manipulation and Energy harvesting and how the pioneers like Barbara Bartholic and Dr. Karla Turner talked about these issues decades ago. James talks about the Meth Agenda, Shapeshifting and the Mandela Effect. He talks about what is new with the Cosmic Switchboard Show and talks about what to expect from upcoming guests.

In Part 2 James discusses some of his own Milab Experiences and how he was pulled into the project(s) from childhood. He talks about coming to grips with the realization he was a milab as an adult. He talks about some of the training he’s undergone, the places and environments he’s seen, the physical, astral and psychological testing both individually and in groups and talks about the early research into Milabs.



James Bartley at Lil Ale inn James Bartley and Bob Lazar James Bartley and Hickson James Bartley and Barbara Bartholic

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