We will be delayed getting the Sandra Fecht interview out.

Dear Members,

We will be delayed getting the Sandra Fecht interview out till the end of this week. We have had difficulties with certain recording software and after changing out microphones and other equipment finally decided that the recording software has been the source of our recording issues. We have switched to a new recording software. You will hear the new recording software when you tune into the upcoming interview with Dr. Mesheril Manyfeathers in three weeks time. First you will hear Sandra Fecht, Dave Staffen and Fran Toews this next weekend talk about SRA and healing from SRA on the old recording software and then you will hear from “Sachita” who will talk about Reptilians and Military in underground bases also on the old software and then you will hear the Mesheril Manyfeathers interview about Fake Ascended Masters, her Andromedan Experiences and her encounters with hosted people in the New Age Community on the new software.

We appreciate your patience and promise we will continue to bring you the best information we can possibly give. In lieu of the Sandra Fecht interview that should have posted this past weekend, I will give a two part commentary, part two for members. In part two I will talk about my own milab experiences.

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  1. James? Are you going to post this interview on your website here? I found part 1 on youtube, but do not see either one here now. Thanks for all you do!

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