Voices of Milabs – Karol on Mars

About Karol

Karol has been taken to The Moon and to Mars during the course of her life as a Milab Operative. She has taken part in combat missions against people and against what appear to be large Cyborgs. She has been taken to Mars many times and describes the Jump Room which is used to send her to off world destinations including Mars. She describes forests, trees, a breathable atmosphere, large megalithic structures and blue skies on Mars all of which have been confirmed by independent sources. Karol has been subjected to intensive surveillance, monitoring, harassment and even experienced a surgical burglary upon her home when certain items of critical importance came up missing.
After a long period of silence in which she has endured much harassment, Karol has decided to tell some of her story. If anyone would like to contact Karol, please send a message through The Cosmic Switchboard Website and if the sender seems legit and doesn’t seem to be a troll or a nuisance then the message(s) will be passed on to Karol.

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  1. Thank you Karol and James for your courage, and for all you have endured, and triumphed over.

    I hope Karol will come back on the show, and share more of her story…. what her childhood milab experiences were like, and whether she is still being used as a Milab soldier.

    How can Karol step out of this life? How can Milabs stop their abusers, and get out?

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