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James Bartley has researched Alien Abductions, Reptilian Abductions and Military Abductions for over twenty five years.


James Bartley

James Bartley discusses his upcoming lecture series the Reptilian – Milab Chronicles Lecture Series and what he plans to talk about. The lectures will be four and a half hours long. James also talks about the Talismanic Magickal Power of the Latin Language when it is used in the medical industry. James also discusses the failed Navy Seal operation in Yemen as well as the long history of American Military Special Operations disasters citing the book written by former Army Intelligence Officer and Historian Richard Gabriel called “Military Incompetence: Why the American Military Doesn’t Win.”


A correction for this commentary: I had a “Mandela Effect” moment. I could have swore that Task Force 160 A.K.A. “The Night Stalkers” changed their name to the 1st Special Operations Aviation Regiment” (1st SOAR) and in fact remember Congressional testimony given by the then C.O. of this regiment. Turns out that this unit is known as the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (160th SOAR). If anyone remembers this unit as 1st SOAR please contact me. Also it has been a while since I read the Richard Gabriel book. It turns out during the commentary I mixed up two SEAL ops in Grenada. The SEALS of SEAL TEAM SIX (now known as DEVGRU) attempted to rescue Governor Scoons in his Governor’s Mansion. The Governor did not need rescuing but the SEALS went in anyway and wound up getting surrounded and needed to be rescued by the Marines. The SEALS who tried to knock out the radio transmitter had to exfiltrate under fire and made it back to the ocean where they floundered for several hours before being picked up by the Navy. Also in recent SEAL documentaries about ST6 (DEVGRU) they changed the details of the water insertion. If memory serves in the Gabriel book the SEALS exited the rear of a fast moving low flying helo while they were inside a rubber craft. The weather was bad and the waves were choppy and the SEALS were knocked out on impact and drowned. Now they are spinning it out and saying the SEALS did a parachute jump over the ocean and were drowned in the high seas.Either way it was a bad move but I am inclined to believe the original story of the SEALS in a boat exiting the rear of the helo.



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  1. My primary Mandela Effect is a childhood book i remember. It was a series called the Berenstein Bears. Now, they are all titled BerenSTAIN Bears. May seem like a small thing, but i have a near-photographic memory, and i KNOW it used to be the former.

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