Debra Jane East and Naome Swan Interview

Naome is adept at inner remote viewing, she is a door opener to the quantum world. She gives you the clarity and inner insight to shift into an organic field of pure energy. Naome is diverse at removing implants, sexual vampirism, Interdimensional entities, and accumulated emotions. Her sharp intelligence decodes, reprograms, reframes past time loops and dissolves inorganic matter through multi-level dimensions and time lines.  Naome’s capability to discover hidden messages in past lives and inner child wounds, operating in the background is inner -freedom.
Debra Jayne East grew up in a rural town in Virginia and from an early age she had an interest in writing, astronomy and science. In 1968, close to midnight, her family went outside to see what their German Shepard dog was barking at. Looming over the hill, a lens shaped object the size of a tractor trailer with a rotating band of blue, white and red lights hovered silently in the moonlight.
In 1987 after a large UFO flap in Wytheville, Virginia. After hundreds of sightings by military, the sheriff’s department and many locals, including radio newscaster Danny Gordon, her parents woke up to find a strange triangle shaped landing marks in their back field.
After her career and raising a family, Ms. East returned to her first love and began writing paranormal books and also researching the UFO phenomenon. This led to her hosting her own radio show six years ago and she is still giving people a voice to tell their stories today.

In Part 1 Naome Swan and Debra Jayne East discuss Heart Intelligence, clearing energetic space in our Heart Centre, Learned Helplessness, Parasites and being embodied as a means to attain discernment.

In Part 2 Naome Swan and Debra Jayne East discuss examples of parasitic behaviour, “pouncing energy,” people who steal other peoples’ energy and information and repackage it as their own, and honouring one another and moving from the ME to the WE.

Naome’s Website: Embody Energetic Ecstasy
Debra’s Website: Notes from the Underground
Starlite 17 Radio: Facebook Page
Sky Watcher Radio: Facebook Page

Watch Part 1 on Youtube:

Part 1:

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Part 2 – Members Only: Mirror Stream

***If you experience unreliable playback or looping issues with part 2 the mirror stream will fix this.***


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  1. Thank you James, Naome, and Debra Jayne, for an amazing interview! The three of you work so well together as a team, and you make even the most complex subjects, very easy to understand. I sincerely appreciate all of your guidance and wisdom. Many blessings to each of you!


  2. The link straight to the MP3 2nd hour worked on my PC.

    The same link on my iPhone after password, did the live broadcast looping thing.

    Then on iPhone “fix mirror stream looping ” after signing in actually played Darrell’s show of the previous week.

    It is approx 1:44am central time.

    Great show . Around 33:30 or 34:00 minutes in the first show, I like how James recognized that there is nothing wrong with fumbling your words , or not being efficient enough to express what he wants to in the moment, as the mind moves faster than the pen or mouth, but he recognized that there is still a plus plus , win win, even in such “errors”.
    It is minor, and may even lead to certain guidance or clues to others.
    Therefore “hums” or “studders” etc are nothing compared to outlandish incoherent hums and hahs, from say Alfred lambert webre, who seems to studder ever so slowly as to give away that he is reading a script or following a script from an invisible earpiece. Not to bad mouth Albert as an example, but these are examples are two different kinds of word fumbles.

    So, follow to communicate where guided , even if the delivery is not perfect . Some syllables may be screwed up by accident , yet still speak ” in the now” to another person out there .

    As for the “free stuff”. Quick comment: it’s insane how they have set up a nasty economy where it’s hard to determine whether ppl want something for free, or they literally have not even the slightest means to break bread. Truth be told, they have a lot of well meaning ppl slumped so bad, that they falsely appear tightwads.


  3. Great interview! Thank you! What a relief!


  4. The mirror stream option is coming up with an interview with a different man…


  5. I had been feeling compelled to listen to this interview several more times this past week, so I followed my instincts and did so. I am SO GLAD that I did, because I am now awakened to the fact that I definitely have been experiencing a “parasitic presence” in my life that has been operating for some time now! I can now clearly see how it has been sabotaging my friendships–especially with 2 women in particular, who I happen to meet online and love dearly. I have been grieving over the loss of their friendship for the past several months. I can see why these parasites don’t want me to associate with these wonderful and highly evolved women– because we support each other, exchange important information, and learn from each other. When we stick together like this–there’s nothing that we can’t accomplish…..and that’s bad news for the parasites. They certainly don’t want this to happen. Like Debra Jayne mentioned in this interview–they are all about the “divide and conquer” agenda. She is so right about this!

    Well, I am going to be calling these 2 women soon, to talk to them about this situation, and to clear up any misunderstandings that have taken place–due to this “parasitic invasion”. I am consciously choosing to shift out of my head and into my heart.

    Once again, I am feeling so grateful to James, Naome, and Debra Jayne for this enlightening interview, and for all their guidance and wisdom.


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