Commentary 76 The Power of the Heart Centre

James Bartley talks about the Power of Heart Centre. The Powers that be go to extreme lengths to shut down the heart centre of Humans. James also discusses the “Breed Out The Love Program” described by Barbara Bartholic because it is related to the Power of the Heart Centre.

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  1. pardon, I meant to add the date for my late Mom’s birthday of 98 had she stayed in the physical…09062021 today is the 5th, and hers would have been this coming Monday 09062021. thank you dear Mr. Bartley, something about the “two or more’ ? LIVE energy force and the strength of the picture you posted and audio content has already spread, to people at listeners and host… and others around me and with Mom’s energy signature on it… My heart compelled me to left brain report and include you in on the knowledge of what clearly your right brain already heard what the heart says… thank you again… I even had a GoPro camera ready to present evidence it was so strong… any body watching would see it… but that didn’t get the juice… writing you today did… what started back in June 30 2021 on just energy seemed to build until July 30th.. ongoing to todays date… this report belongs with you and other hosts to the truth as best we know it…

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