Lorena Interview Reptilians and Military Bases

Lorena is a dear friend of James Bartley. Lorena is a Milab from the High Desert of Southern California. She is a trained Fire Fighter and has been trained by deep black elements of the military in Survival and Military Tactics. She has been used as a Remote Viewer and Astral Operator. She has had encounters with various ET groups including the Reptilians, The Greys, a being that looks just like Gollum from Lord of the Rings, a reptilian race that looks Turtle Like to name just a few.
She has seen red demonic entities open portals and come into her home. Lorena has had many military experiences and is quite familiar with a particular underground base in the High Desert of Southern California.
Lorena, a Milab and Reptilian Abductee from the High Desert of Southern California, talks about her reptilian and milab experiences. Lorena had encounters with immature reptoids as well as full grown reptilians. Lorena was taken inside of a military underground base. She was shown three different levels of this base. On one level she was taken to an area where there were a lot of cages and she describes seeing a pitiable hybrid creature of some sort which she felt immense sorrow for.

Lorena is a close personal friend and colleague of James Bartley’s and they have had many experiences together. Lorena talks about some of the future visions she was shown. Lorena was given Survival Training by the military. Lorena describes what it feels like to be teleported.

In Part 2 Lorena describes two incidents in which the Military showed her a probable future scenario that would impact her directly if she did not take the proper course of action. Lorena also talks about being taken underwater in a round craft by deep black elements of the Navy. She was taken to the Ocean Floor into a domed city and was introduced to the inhabitants of this domed underwater city. Lorena also discusses a race of ETs which she had described in the past as looking like humanoid turtles. These beings kidnap Earth Women and take them to a distant planet for purposes of breeding and genetic experimentation in order to save their dying species.
Lorena also discusses a race of ETs she is connected to that healed her of a serious life threatening illness.


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  1. Great interview!! So much good info shared that reminds me of my own experiences. One story is of Lorena having precognitive dreams and visions about incoming disaster scenarios, specifically rockets in the sky. For several years now i’ve had very lucid dreams and visions about explosions in the sky, followed by alien invasion. Many people are fooled and destroyed in the process by following the instructions given to them about going to shelters and hospitals, etc. In each scenario i am guided and protected by various entities, and i am able to help several loved ones safely escape. The dreams have changed recently though, in a good way. Most recently, when the explosions went off in the sky, light-beings about 4-5ft tall came down from the sky directly into people’s homes and helped them to overcome fear, to not panic, thereby changing the outcome. In some of the more destructive scenarios, 2015-16, i encountered then-POTUS Obama and he was completely powerless to do anything to help the people, fully in the grip of his ‘masters.’ In one such scenario, alien beings were riding enormous alligators and crocodiles, like 50-60ft long, in “war-elephant” style, destroying all in their path.

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