Theresa Tucker Interview – Empathy and Dreams

Theresa Tucker, Empath, Artist and member of The Cosmic Switchboard Team, discusses her empathic abilities.
Theresa is a very deeply spiritual person…but very far from being “religious” or in any way conformed to “traditional” so-called spirituality…she has developed her abilities and her gifts entirely on her own…also in a personal relationship with God and in knowing that her very unique skills do originate from Him and without Him they would not be possible. She considers herself an empath…and occasionally telepathic…sometimes a mystic…and she also very often has the same experiences with persons who have passed…but she is not a physic…or a prophet…just a very strong and unusually “advanced” receptor of a person’s feelings, emotions, thoughts and other aspects of their inner self…being highly tuned and familiar with very powerful spiritual phenomenon and experiences of varied forms that reveal them. She is uncommonly feminine…having an “ultra-female” countenance and personality…and extreme “womanly” attributes…which has greatly enhanced the creation of her astute empathic traits over time…having been built over the decades of her life.
Theresa talks about the difference between a Psychic and an Empath. Theresa talks about what an Empath feels and how they perceive energies and impressions.

Theresa talks about the different emotions and Empath feels and the waves of energy and impressions she receives. Theresa also discusses some of the strongest spiritual phenomenon that she has experienced including out of body visions, mental vision, manifestations, spiritual voice experience and remote sensation. Theresa explains what daytime visions feel like as well as half conscious states.

James also discusses communication with animals and energetic communications, floating cities in China and stage managed dreams in the lower astral realms. Theresa describes her empathic recurring dreams as well as dream structures, sleep visions and the things she feels when she is empathic. Theresa questions why artists and celebrities are arrogant and put on a pedestal in the matrix system.

In Part 2, Theresa Tucker talks about the strong empathic connection she feels with certain people in dreams and how she interacts with people in the astral dreamscape. She calls these Connective Dream Experiences. She also talks about what it is like to have the spirits of the deceased come to her and interact with her and how spirits communicate to her.

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  1. Thank you, Theresa, for your tenderness and gentle voice and words; and thank you, James, for you and the good people you invite to share your/their knowledge and vision with us.
    I am just reading again a beautiful book, Voices of the animals, by Dawn Baumann Brunke, an animal communicator;
    They have so many things to share, learn and tell us…so refreshing and empathic is their simplicity and wisdom.
    I have felt the same vibe from you, Theresa.

  2. what you said about arrogance being the worst thing to feel from someone … yes, absolutely. i live with that person and it is unbearable when he pontificates at me in an arrogant way, or i try to express a thought and he shuts me down. sollopcistic (sp?), someone who is doggedly trapped in their view of things and “know” they are right about everything … i heard that word a couple times last week … like narcissistic, i guess. the arrogance that bombards me from such people is horribly painful. thank you for this interview.

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