Aliens, Vortexes, Milab Operations & High Strangeness – Michael Kameron Interview

Michael Kameron was born in London, England during the 1970’s and raised by strict Roman Catholic parents. From a very early age he experienced both paranormal activity and had encounters with the Nordics. Later he would along with his brother be abducted by the Greys.

Michael is a MILAB as well and this is something he is exploring now. He describes himself as a Breakaway MILAB. Michael explains he was a victim at one time, but now he is self aware and self-empowered.

Michael is a new author of the book High Strangeness: A Lifetime of Alien and Paranormal Encounters. Published by Flying Disk Press.

Michael Kameron, an Alien Abductee and Milab from Great Brian joins us for a deep discussion about aliens, vortexes, high strangeness and Milab Ops. This discussion delves into issues such as Astral Ops, Interdimensional Travel and much more.
In Part 2 Michael Kameron gives a Deep Dive about Alien Interference in our past lives and how they set the stage for alien abductions and milab experiences in one’s current incarnation.

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  1. Good interview ~~the ptsd can just be too much at times for some . Its comforting to hear some positive spin you always add in your responses … thanks James !!!

  2. Yes please have Michael back soon. Part two is always very revealing and helpful. There is quite a bit of healing that takes place through validation of experiences. I would like to see a deeper dive into this conversation. I liked how it ended on the note that we are taking our power back!

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