The Alien Control System – Paul Ponssot Interview

Part 1 The Alien Control System
Veteran French Alien Investigator and Conspiracy Researcher Paul Ponsson from France joins us for a discussion about this Alien Matrix Control system and its many manifestations. Paul combines the knowledge of the Surface Level Geopolitical Depopuation Agenda with a deep understanding of the Esoteric and Hidden Aspects of the Non-Human Control System.
Part 2 – A Deep Dive into the “Black Awakening” of Order out of Chaos.
In Part 2 Paul Ponsson goes into depth about the Israeli-Hamas/Haaretz (Greater) Israel Agenda and its relation to the Non-Human Alien Control System. Paul makes the point that many Surface Level Investigators throw out the “baby” (in the form of the reality of the Malevolent Alien Control System) with the Bath Water. Paul talks about the deeper implications of a possible Fake Alien Invasion. Paul rightly points out that aliens already control this world and have created a Matrix Simulation which includes the Death and Dying Process. This is a fascinating and thought provoking discussion with one of the top investigators in our field.

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  1. Paul and James dive deep in this episode, the Black Awakening was something I really need to know about. Knowlege is power and Paul and James really bring it. I look forward to the future interview where these two intellects with huge hearts get together and shine their lights!

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