The Alien Agenda and Geopolitics – Dan Armstrong Interview

Dan is a life long experiencer who has had ET, Milab and Alternate Reality Experiences. He is also a keen student of history and has studied Political Science. He has lived and travelled extensively in the Far East, Mexico and Europe.

Dan rejoins us at the Cosmic Switchboard. In Part 1 Dan talks about Geopolitics and the Alien Agenda. The discussion involves the Blue Beam Psyop which many Surface Level Truthers have fallen for. We discuss the Miami Incident.

In Part 2 Dan does a deep dive into the Alien Control System and how it manifest in the human population.

Part 1

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Part 1:

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  1. This intriguing interview with Dan and James highlighting the pretense we have been living with for so long. I feel the same way about Steven Greer and wonder how he can still maintain a presence he is so OBVIOUS. I appreciated the comments about Miami sightings because I figured it was a PLOY to divert attention. I suspect it was ‘unintentional’ reveal and that we will see more ‘phasing in and out’ of interdimensionals as the frequencies change. I am so thankful to James and Dan and all those who have LIVED IT and bring the truth to light. These folks are THE DISCLOSURE. I look forward to each episode.

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