Higher Dimensional Extra Terrestrials & DNA Reprogramming – Geraldine Orozco Interview

Geraldine Orozco discusses her work as a DNA Reprogrammer which is a combination of Epigenetic Psychotherapy and a thorough understanding of the Life Force Pathways through the body in order to identify, transmute and heal the body and Soul
In Part 1 Geraldine describes her conscious experiences with higher dimensional ETs which led to a greater understanding of who she really is and the inherent power we have within us as a Species. She is very familiar with the malign influence of the Draco, Reptilians, Mantis Beings and the Greys.
In Part 2 Geraldine does a Deep Dive into aspects of her work. Geraldine Orozco’s website is https://www.geraldineorozco.com
You can download Geraldine Orozco’s media Kit here.

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