Cloning, Alien Abductions, Threats & Intimidation Ted Rice & Stuart Eglington Interview with James Bartley

Ted Rice & Stuart Eglington joins us for a thought provoking and confronting discussion about cloning, Dulce Base, Alien Abductions and the threats and intimidation meted out to Ted which caused Ted to drop out of the research investigation scene for a number of years. Ted & Stuart discusses the untimely mysterious death of Dr. Karla Turner and the events which led up to her demise as well as the untimely and suspicious death of Barbara Bartholic.
In Part 2 Ted Rice and Stuart talk about the significance of the colors Purple and Green and the program to acclimate children into the reality of the reptilian presence through television exemplified by Barney the Purple Dinosaur. Note: Part 2 is shorter than usual due to a mix up in coordinating the Zoom Meeting involving the various time zones.
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  1. Thank the three of you for bringing even more light to “The Masquerade of Angels” and so much more. With Stuart, Ted, and James insights made this is one of the BEST. Hearing Ted speak was wonderful to me after all these years of listening and reading. Remembering Candy and Barbie always warms my heart. Thanks again.

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