Alien Sexual Manipulation – Lisa O’Hara Interview

In Part 1 Lisa O’Hara, the author of “Abducted and Furious,” a lifelong alien abductee and survivor of remote influencing and gang stalking, talks about her life. Lisa had encounters with Mantis Beings. She talks about the remote manipulation and telepathic abuse she receives from beings she calls “the Micromanagers.”
In Part 2 Lisa O’Hara talks about the sexual manipulation she was subjected to, including gynecological procedures and the manipulation of her Libido through remote electronic frequencies and much more. This is critically important information.

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  1. Hello, Cosmic Switchboard. A few weeks ago, I logged on and listened to 2 shows before gearing up, and winding down for sleep, and I could have sworn that I saw a separate show entitled something very similar to “reconciling the better coexistence of humans and reptilians”, and by the time I went to study it the next few days, I cannot find it listed. Odd. Until I look everywhere else, I’m posting this comment.

  2. 23:30, I might add as weird one time or many comment, that between the obscure and the reality of what or where we are, I had a dream benign one night thankfully although incomplete of the sensations that go with it, the sight of it all was traveling to and from golf courses in some type of helicopter with the idea of who knows how many may be hidden, seeing the detail, participating dream like in the reality of what can be designed more and more custom, then with little capturing of options in my reality, woke up and drove my vehicle 4 miles away, to pick up breakfast, and saw a vehicle filling up at the gas station with a customized license plate of either”LOVGOLF” or “lovgolf” to the best of my ability to remember. It seemed to be a door I could have either considered opening, or a greeting into another world or planet one day that focused more or less on that purpose and less variables.

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