Flying Alien UFOs – Fringe Interview

Fringe, a former Law Enforcement Officer (LEO)for almost twenty years, is a lifelong Alien Abductee. Her husband is also a retired LEO who served for thirty years in Law Enforcement and is also an Alien Abductee.
Fringe returns to The Cosmic Switchboard Show to talk about the different types of training she’s received from ETs including flight training of various types of ET craft. Fringe also discusses downloads and geometric shaped symbols she receives with is a form of data transmission.
In part 2 Fringe talks about how her consciousness has been taken out of her physical body and put in other bodies for some form of Cosmic Spying or Espionage. Fringe also describes seeing her clones.
Fringe’s Twitter: Fringe Think

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  1. Thank you, James and Fringe
    A deep and very meaningful discussion. This is very helpful for people who have been in the ‘programs’ and other abductions throughout life. Many of the questions asked (personal introspection) we have asked ourselves. Hearing these discussions is very healing on many levels! Thanks for all your dedicated work!

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