Alien Wars, Jet Chases and the Great Northeast Blackout Commentary 94

In Part 1 of Bartley’s Commentaries on the Cosmic Wars, James talks about a variety of ET related subjects, including craft seen to come out of larger craft, Alien-Military Confrontations, Military Ambushes of Alien Craft, Alien-Military Collusion in Puerto Rico and elsewhere and much more.
In Part 2 James goes into detail about Alien Treaties and Dulce Base, The Rand Corporation and much more.

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  1. James, Your Commentaries are so educational and in such great depth and detail. The amount of research and hidden source data is incredible. Not to mention your memory and recollection skills. You are a real ‘guiding light’ encouraging self research and self discovery as a basis. In my experience you are ONE of a kind in this field. Thank you so much for your incredible dedication and perserverence!

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