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In 1978, Bob Luca was told by the Elders, “You do not die…”  While his wife and he experienced the Alien beings firsthand in multiple abductions. Bob and Betty endured the government’s harassment and extreme invasion into their private lives which started with yearly audits by the IRS that were beyond a doubt a form of harassment.  The FBI had them under surveillance which was verified when agents visited Bob’s place of employment to question co-workers on his whereabouts when they lost track of the couple. When their Cheshire Connecticut home was broken into by what they could only assume was some Government agency they were drugged and left with nowhere to turn for help.  They also discovered that their phones were being tapped and often they found themselves being followed by unidentified cars with license plates that came back as un-issued when run through police computers. Their home computer was hacked by the Department of Defense twice in a forty eight hour period. Unknown to most people is the fact that they were the first to interview Larry warren of the now famous Rendlesham Forest incident which led to the public disclosure of this event. The couple to this day wants the truth to be known and all of the Governments cover up to be exposed so that all may benefit from the technology that has for so long been withheld from the public.

Bob Luca, author of “A Lifting of the Veil” which he co-wrote with his wife Betty Andreasson Luca, discusses some of the ET experiences that he and Betty had undergone beginning at an early age. Betty Andreasson Luca was the subject of a number of classic books about her alien encounters including “The Andreasson Affair,” “The Andreasson Affair Phase II,” “The Watchers,” “The Watchers II” and “The Andreasson Legacy” all written by Raymond E. Fowler
Bob Luca goes into detail about the government and military harassment that both he and Betty had endured over the years.

Bob Luca, co-author of “A Lifting of the Veil” discusses more details about the government harassment he and his wife Betty Andreasson Luca endured. Bob talks about the nature of the UFO Cover Up and quotes famous people who attested to the reality of the UFO/Alien Presence here on Earth. Bob discusses a “men in black” incident involving four Asian looking MIBs who were wearing dark clothes, dark hats and seemed to do things in unison.

Bob also discusses an alien abduction from a drive in theatre.


Bob Luca’s Website: Andreasson Affair

Bob Luca’s Book: A Lifting of the Veil

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  1. hello James .. i loved the interview with Bob… Is there any chance that Betty would agree to an interview… ? i would love to hear her version of her life also…

    • Betty hasn’t been giving interviews lately. I would LOVE to interview Betty. She is a heroine to me and an iconic figure in our field. The books written about her are classics in the field. I will stay in touch with Bob and you never know…Betty might want to come on our show and that would be quite a coup!

      Thanks for asking, Judy.

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