The Rendlesham Forest Incidents Gary Heseltine Interview

Gary Heseltine returns to The Cosmic Switchboard Show to discuss his new book Non-Human: The Rendlesham Forest Incidents – 42 Years of Denial.
In Part 1 Gary reveals the testimony of other Air Force Eyewitness to the major event. Four different Air Force Security Specialists can attest to the fact that not only did they experience unusual UFO phenomena at RAF Bentwaters/Rendlesham Forest but that Larry Warren was out in the field the night of the major landing and contact experience with ETs.
In Part 2 Gary Heseltine reveals long dormant information developed by MUFON Researcher Ray Boeche proving that retired Colonel Charles Halt was aware of the landing of a craft and the presence of ETs and of Colonel, later General Gordon Williams at the clearing known as Caple Green. This is BOMBSHELL INFORMATION.
Gary also discusses an incident involving a female U.S. Air Force Security Specialist who was run off a country road in Rendlesham Forest by a UFO. This woman actually opened fire on the craft and wound up suffering extreme PTSD from the experience.

Gary’s websites are: ufotruthmagazine and prufospolicedatabase

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  1. Thank you Gary and James for giving us…..The rest of the story! I hope Gary’s book becomes a bestseller, he is a great detective and this blows the most commonly believed story right out of the water. This is disclosure at it’s best!

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