Alien Autopsy – Colin Woolford Interview

Colin is a dedicated UFO researcher of some 30-plus years. He has a particular interest in UFO crash retrievals, aliens and the crop circle phenomenon. He has given lectures on the connection to art through films and music and the UFO subject, as well as on the ‘alien autopsy’ footage conspiracy. Colin has worked now for over 30 years for a major international airline and is currently based at Heathrow airport
In Part 1 Colin Woolford discusses the facts surrounding the Alien Autopsy Footage. The alien cadaver came from an alien space craft crash retrieval in late May 1947 and not at Roswell as commonly believed. Colin has done extensive research on the subject. Colin read a statement from the cameraman himself.
In Part 2 Colin goes into detail surrounding the behaviour of trolls, gatekeepers and black ops as it relates to the Alien Autopsy Footage.
Colin discusses the threats he has received as well as the railroading of an individual named Bob Shell who may have been set up and then sentenced to over fifty years for knowing too much about the alien autopsy footage.



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