William English on Paul Bennewitz, Crashed Alien Craft & Project Blue Book

Retired U.S. Army Special Forces Captain William English is our guest on The Cosmic Switchboard Show. During the Vietnam War William led a Special Forces team into Cambodia to secure the crash site of a B-52 Bomber. What he and his team found at the site was unsettling to say the least. After the Vietnam War William worked as a civilian at a NSA Facility at RAF Chicksands in Great Britain. William had an Above Top Secret Clearance. One day a document that looked like a technical manual with over six hundred pages was dropped into his Inbox. At that point his life was turned upside down.

William English returns to The Cosmic Switchboard Show to discuss what he knows about Paul Bennewitz. In Part 1 William describes taking on the job of investigating Paul’s claims. He talks about the testimony of Gabe Valdez, a police oficer at the time as well as the disappearance of Bennewitz research files including 26,000 feet of UFO film footage taken in New Mexico. Bennewitz was committed to a psychiatric clinic where he was subjected to Electroconvulsive Shock Therapy.
In Part 2 William English talks about John Lear, Bill Cooper as well as an incident in New Mexico when two fellow researchers and intelligence community whistleblowers were attacked resulting in the death of the other two men. They were investigating a story about an alien craft that had been buried or otherwise hidden in the southwest desert.


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