Loosh Harvesting, Hybrid Human, Domestication & Harvesting of Humans – D Interview

“D” is a life long experiencer who has had ET, Milab and Alternate Reality Experiences. He is also a keen student of history and has studied Political Science. He has lived and travelled extensively in the Far East, Mexico and Europe.
In Part 1 D shares a Loosh Harvesting Experience he and two friends were subjected to by a Hybrid Human of some kind. D has extensively studied the seminal research of Pierre Sabak and talks about the etymological roots of words in various ancient languages which describe this ongoing Cosmic Vassalage, Domestication and Harvesting of Humans
In Part 2 D goes into details about his Milab and Alternate Reality Experiences. D discusses the hijacking of the Milab Space Ops field by the Gaia “Super Soldier” narrative. D discusses what is truly meant by SPACE and the Secret Space. We need to look at this subject in a non-linear fashion uncorrupted by some of these bogus narratives. This is an extremely important interview and unlike any other similar interview in the Milab Space Ops field.

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