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James Batley

James Bartley discusses the persistent meme that “there are no aliens its only military.” James puts the kibosh once and for all on this silly notion. The only way people can arrive at this conclusion is if they systematically ignore the voluminous evidence which proves aliens have been here all along and have guided or misguided humanity since Time Immemorial.

In Part 2 James discusses the 2nd Sun which is being seen by many people who know what to look for. James discusses possible contingencies the powers that be have for the 2nd Sun and any marauding alien races that may come from it or elsewhere.


James Bartley at Lil Ale inn James Bartley and Bob Lazar James Bartley and Hickson James Bartley and Barbara Bartholic

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  1. James I have some interesting info to share..

    I play Pokemon Go a lot (hence the nick name ‘snorlax’) and have some insight that might be useful.

    Pokemon go has aspects to it that are both good and problematic, but moreso problematic. Though I play the game daily I am still aware of the risks. For me I enjoy the nostalgic aspect of the game; having grown up with the anime it evokes good times with family. I acknowledge that nostalgia can be used against me as a baited trap.

    When the app released in 2016 we were around those obsessed zombies who ran after a rare spawn. It was fun, we could see glimpses of community, revolution and a spark of hope. Yet at the same time we could see the mindless aspect of it.

    I found it hilarious in a couple of interviews you did and commented on the fully grown bearded man walking head on into the pole, and people nearly running off piers. Thats a sign of augmented reality games becoming reality.

    When i consider the emasculating risk of the game i see truth in what you say. Adults chasing after digital animations, being glued to thdir digital screen, furthering their journey towards transhumanism.

    What you may not know is that when you catch a ‘mon’ you can choose whether or not to allow the app to use your phone camera. So there are 2 options, to either see the mon in the feal world, or you can toggle that off amd the game will provide a standard digital background.

    Back in 2016 I had heard whispers in the community that our cameras could be used for 3D mapping. For example, if a pikachu had spawned inside an art gallery or outside of a mosque, and 30 people were trying to catch it, you could use their 30 phone cameras to observe that building from multiple angles. And because its a 24/7 game you could manipulate spawn rates to get eyes on an asset. I understand that there is already satellite and CCTV, dash cams and so on, but this provides further access. Not to mention the surveillance it makes available to the user.

    After all apps require our consent to give access to contacts, email, camera, microphone.

    Now if it lets me I’m going to paste a link

  2. Despite knowing these things I still play the game. We have good bonding time doing something together and having something in common.

    With game friends we get out in the sunlight more. It gives us good cover to observe access points around the suburbs surrounding us. We’re beginning to use it for prepping purposes. We can see where there might be various resources, it’s very interesting. And very often there are strangers around who also play the game, they also provide cover without realizing it.

    So there are some of my thoughts on that matter James. I’ve been waiting a while to share it, hopefully it can provide useful info.

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