Sofia Smallstorm Interview

Sofia Smallstorm talks about Chemtrails and the covert re-engineering of the Human Race.
In Part 2 Sofia Smallstorm continues her discussion about chemtrails, social engineering ad the Corporate State.
Sofia Smallstorm’s Website: About The Sky

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  1. Hi, again, Sofia and James, regarding the hijacking of the antiwar (Vietnam) serious movement which was already in place, Dave McGowan talks in it’s book, Inside Laurel Canyon. An incredible huge MK operation, where all those notorious singers and bands from the 60-70ies were manufactured, most of them have high military parents or contacts, like Jim Morrison, Janice Joplin, Frank Zappa and all of them started to gather at Hollywood area, Laurel Canyon.

    many of them had no knowledge about music and playing instruments, but were on drugs, sex and that type of rebel attitude that changes nothing, at least not in a good way . And so, Woodstock came and everybody was doing sex, singing and drugs, the flower/un-power movement, which crushed and annihilated the real movement for stopping the war with good, strong solutions.

    I love Doors, but since I have read that book I understood more about the underground goals and agendas of the music industry.

    regarding the shrinks and their pseudo-diagnosis and drugs used to manipulate the people…I never liked that idea – it helps a little, just a little, and mainly keep you into the system or knocks you down and manipulate you like so many were in those cases of the mass shootings or drivers, etc.

    In Romania we don’t have this habit, of shrinks and their drugs, it is in the beginning now, but it is very expensive and we generally don’t believe in it’s efficiency; we drink and make sex, instead :).

    However, we had the manipulation of fear through terror, on communism times, when half of the country was snitching the other half and vice versa, to the Romanian Stasi, known as Security. Not nice at all, I can assure you.

    Now, getting back to today, I have to tell you that I just was outside to smoke a cigarette and I have seen everywhere those thin threads which falls from the sky, usually when chemtrails are up. It is the 3rd time when I see this thing, all over the power cables, trees, cars, in the air, floating.
    I am pretty sure that is has something to do with ‘smart’ nano particles, microwaves, cell towers, 5G and our biology.
    It is very sunny outside, but no chems. In one side the sky is deep blue, but on the other side it is white hazy milky spread grose clouds.

    What I would like to add is that I use salt a lot, it has many benefits, on many levels, baths with salt, going to saline (in the city, not on the natural ones, which are a little far), it is so simple and natural and efficient.

    thank you again and sincere gratitude and appreciation.

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