Nikki Colombo and the Kundalini Awakening

Nikki Colombo, ET Contactee, Psychic and Astrologist, talks about her Kundalini Awakening, ET Experiences, Alien Love Bite Experiences with her Twin Flame and much more.
In Part 2 Nikki Colombo talks about the importance of Forgiveness for oneself as a necessary pre-requisite for healing. Nikki also talks about some of her other experiences.
Nikki Colombo’s Website: Kudalini and Starseed Awakening

Watch Part 1 on Youtube:

Part 1:

Part 2 – Members Only:

Part 2 – Members Only: Mirror Stream

***If you experience unreliable playback or looping issues with part 2 the mirror stream will fix this.***



Part 1: mp3
Part 2 Members Only: mp3


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