KeithAZ Interview

KeithAZ is a Lyran Contactee and an Alien Abductee who has had encounters with Greys and Mantis Beings. KeithAZ is a musician and an electronic technician and is the co-host for the very popular Ground Control radio show Sunday Nights at 9PM PST at In Part 1 KeithAZ talks about childhood memories of being taken onto a Scout Ship and then brought up to a Cigar Shaped craft where Greys under the command of a Mantis Being, placed an implant in his lungs.

KeithAZ also talks about a “Soul Rape” experience in which a Grey pulled KeithAZ’s astral body out of his physical body and the Grey placed its own consciousness inside KeithAZ’s body. KeithAZ also talks about how he prevented his niece from being abducted by Greys. KeithAZ has teleported in his dreams and Time Traveled in his dreams. He describes in detail a Kundalini Experience which resulted in KeithAZ being transported to another realm while he was in a state of bliss.

KeithAZ’s Website: Portal to a New Reality

Watch Part 1 on Youtube:

Part 1:

Part 2 – Members Only:


Part 2 – Members Only: Mirror Stream

***If you experience unreliable playback or looping issues with part 2 the mirror stream will fix this.***


Part 1: mp3
Part 2 Members Only: mp3

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