Geoff Brady Interview UFOs Mimicking Ordinary Objects

Geoff Brady is an independent radio producer and host of the weekly radio show In Other News. He’s produced several radio documentaries including Hacking Democracy and detailed look into digital voting machines, Climate Engineers, a one hour documentary about the perils and propaganda of weather control technology. He’s also filmed some of the most compelling UFO phenomena in the New York City skies from 2005 to 2020. You can watch some of the footage on youtube at this link.
Geoff Brady, longtime UFO Investigator talks about his experiences and what he’s captured on video of UFOs some of which actually try to mimic the appearance of other aerial objects. Some UFOs mimic large clusters of balloons. Other UFOs mimic small planes and even birds. Some UFOs are translucent. Many of the UFOs Geoff has videotaped were in the Hudson River Valley of New York and Canada. Geoff goes into detail about what he’s captured in Part 1 .
In Part 2 Geoff Brady talks about the interference, harassment and gangstalking he’s received as the result of his UFO investigations. Geoff also talks about the UFO/Alien Connection with the Chemtrail Agenda.
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  1. I’m a long time listener to coast to coast, I have had more experiences with ghosts/earth bound spirits/entities, or metaphysical yet have always been curious about UFO’s having seen one around age 14 late evening in northern Minn. What was odd, was the scale, it was very small, 2 ft across or less. It flew near me, and basically vanished or went dark. The next day I went to find the same vantage, thinking it was further away, but only to realize that from where I was standing, it was between myself and some very large spruce or fir trees(so it was not far away but less than 100 ft away!). To this day I have no idea what I saw, but it was not lightning or an asteroid, etc…it was small craft type ship, which flew horizontal, made an electrical static sound then vanished. Ok, coming to the present after a lifetime of metaphysical teachers and experiences, but still not much in the way of aliens(except one possible “man” I saw who was walking at a very odd location, late at night in downtown St Paul, in a trench coat, fedora, briefcase…who seemed to be floating along, ..and that’s when I almost jumped out of my skin…he legs just were not there(maybe another ghost/being ?)……The reason Im writing you is, exactly a month ago I something that you describe above. An odd object that seemed to be imitating something else. I see the same thing in at least 3 of the above images. A very large bright double star object floating(Im clairvoyant and I felt them watching me or seeing me), this object was very very bright, like a full moon, but much too large to be any star or planet,…and there were 2 large “stars”, like in your photos. Unfortunately I was too tired from working in the woods to have gotten a photo(and Im a photographer!), but this was around Sep 19th, in northern Minn(35 miles south of Canada) around 1130pm, it was S/SE around 10 o’clock position. Strangest thing I have ever seen !

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