James Bartley will be Live on Coast to Coast

James Bartley will be live on Coast to Coast Friday October 21, 2022. Please feel free to call in and ask James questions.

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  1. I’ve had alot happen long story over a long time woke up to black wires hanging from skin tags under arm n neck,cuts on foot heal stop bleading n barley scar when needed stitches n prob inner damage or should of been ,happened twice second difrent from first I’ve received recordings of me being lead around my apartment saying word I don’t remember over n over looked to be drugged n I don’t remember recording room full of people pointing at pictures that seem to appear n disappear on my skin.then erased from phone white egg looking things landing on my body only to be absorbed by my skin as little black vein looking things so much more ever heard of the voice of god tech.. so so much more I’m not educated I could not make this up I’ve watched people clone my phone only to deni.i have found phone in old apartment from someone I let crash only to be just like mine pluss have same info n phone num I know I only know what they want me to as part of there I guess study of some kind but it’s all over the place .I’ve had samples only for sheriff department to come n tAke my notes n samples I can explain but don’t understand like oily film on all hot water only when I move hot water tanks 3 things mixed caused reaction to what looked like little black hairs to duplicate like crazy seen damn near on whole street to be replaced..I need answers..so so much more

  2. I meant all hot water tanks was replaced this is in Logan WV.owe they needed like a electric charge landlord ran cable from breaker box to floor concrete n cut tile to were legs of couch set directly on concrete.some kind of electronics hid in cealing I filmed it n showed my councilor n my life was destroyed after I asked for med records n was refused.these people have destroyed my life ..I went to sisters for week only to come home to empty apt n evicted..

  3. This show was amazing because I have been a contactee since birth and can confirm everything James Bartley spoke about. Also been saying this information for years, it sounded just like myself speaking about this same information.

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