How Dreams are Manipulated & Controlled, Lucid Dreaming, Star School, 4D Cabal – Fringe Interview with James Bartley

Fringe, a former Law Enforcement Officer (LEO)for almost twenty years, is a lifelong Alien Abductee. Her husband is also a retired LEO who served for thirty years in Law Enforcement and is also an Alien Abductee.
In Part 1 Fringe talks about the various types of ET Experiences she’s had including a form of ET Psychic School. She has also been trained by Aliens to fly several types of ET Craft. Fringe is firmly in the camp of those that believe certain ETs including the Greys are manipulating Humanity for a malevolent purpose. Fringe actively resists the aliens.
In Part 2 Fringe talks about the Soul Entrapment/Reincarnation Trap/Hybrid Agenda intended to supplant the Human Race as the main residents of Planet Earth. Fringe has had personal experiences which suggest strongly that Greys are deeply involved in the Soul Reincarnation Process.
Fringe’s Twitter: Fringe Think

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  1. Thank you Fringe and James for taking us to the limit! Exposing things very important and crucial to know for abductees and truth seekers. I have always had an ‘innate fear’ of being a ‘Manturian Candidate’. I have been in the hybrid programs since sixteen, both ET and Black Ops. I don’t remember much, but my younger abduction memories were more ‘conscious’ the later S1 are harder to access. I look forward to the continuing series of discussions and revelations. My deepest gratitude to you both!

  2. There is a ton of evidence backing up what she is saying about greys, reincarnation and the afterlife on Forever Conscious Research Channel (on youtube). You might want to interview Mark from that channel about what he’s discovered.

  3. James Once again You surpassed the mark as far as what’s really going on in the world today. To my wonderful surprise Fringe was your guest. Listening to her experiences really resonated with me and just so happens I just finished a screenplay entitled SOUL Catchers who come in the form of greys who harvest & entrap mamy into the Reincarnation trap. All of this came to me during lockdown at the beginning of Covid. Uncanny how much this is aligned with what I just wrote about. Great show James

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